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The Medcodelink software database consists of a clinically appropriate link between various coding systems. It contains the SAMA (SA Medical Association) / NHRPL (National Health Reference Price List) surgical and medical procedure codes, each linked to its corresponding CPT code(s) and the ICD-10 codes that are clinically appropriate for performing that specific operation/procedure.

* The clinical validity of the database is entrenched by the fact that the link between the surgical, medical and radiology SAMA/NHRPL, CPT and ICD-10 codes closely corresponds to data as contained in the Surgical Cross Coder; Medical Services Cross Coder and Radiology Cross Coder, published by Ingenix, Inc, USA (Surgical Cross Coder, Medical Services Cross Coder & Radiology Cross Coder contain a link between the CPT codes and ICD-9-CM diagnostic codes, utilised as a data-driven coding reference in the USA and designed to provide accurate and authoritative information on the subject covered)

* Data is continuously updated and refined and all clients are regularly provided with updated versions.

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